Ron Paul Forever!!

Where the rubber of wondering meets the concrete of HAPPENING, it doesn’t much matter whether it was the Republican faction of the Liberty Moovement, or the Old Guard of the Grand Old Party, or the mercenary handmaidens of Masterminds who got Ron Paul Die Hards to chase their tails on a write-in campaign.  It is fait accompli. 

If any of this were funny, it would be a real gut-buster that particularly “enthusiastic” supporters of Ron Paul…whose third failed bid for the Presidency includes trailing Rick Santorum AND NEWT GINGRICH in the “meaningless” popular vote…are resolved to withhold their scrappy ground game from BOTH the Republican candidate AND the Libertarian candidate.

Like ruggedest individuals, they will SCATTER their Protest Vote.

Yeah, THAT oughtta show everybody who’s who and what’s what.  I’se afeerd o’ THAT voting bloc…how ‘bout YOU, Politicians?  How ‘bout YOU, Judges?  Are ya feelin’ the HEAT to take these people’s school of thought dearer to heart?

I exaggerate NOT when I suggest that if a group of Ron Paul’s dreamiest-eyed fans were charged with painting a house, absent clearcut in-the-flesh direction from their beloved leader, the exterior of the house, every room in it, every nook and cranny, every cupboard and closet, every bit of trim and molding would feature as many different colors as there were painters.

Republicans and Anarchists/Minarchists are NOT in fundamental agreement, DUH.  Since the Republican faction and the Anarchist/Minarchist faction cannot and will never agree on post-Ron Paul, the Republican faction (collective) sez NO ONE EXCEPT THE SON OF RON PAUL COULD BE ANOTHER RON PAUL, and the Anarchist/Minarchist faction (collective) sez NO ONE IS GOOD ENOUGH AFTER RON PAUL, PERIOD, NOT EVEN RAND.

Libertarians, arguably the bridge between the Republican & Anarchist/Minarchist factions, are suddenly personas non grata with BOTH.

In the spirit of being divided and conquered, the three factions commenced attacking one another with enough gusto to annihilate unity amongst themselves…fuhgeddabout unity with Republicans. Republican Ron Paul support will vote Republican, shocker. Anarchist Ron Paul support will eschew bourgeois voting, shocker. Libertarians will be left out in the cold, shocker.

The wild card is the CULT OF PERSONALITY faction/collective. The “No One But Paul” people…the WRITE-IN people.

The Republican faction of the Liberty Moovement does not disparage or discourage the write-in campaign, as they DID disparage and discourage a third-party campaign. Why? Because they are playing to become Republican Mainstream. Now that they have “won some power” with the help of non-Republican Ron Paul Supporters, they are quite willing to cut bait with non-Republican Supporters…the better to “get in good” with people they liberally and sustainedly denigrate.

The more meaningless write-in votes for Ron Paul, the fewer for third-party candidate Gary Johnson. Republican “Liberty Lovers” pay lip service to “free market principles”, but the truth is, they don’t want no stinkin’ competition from a third party. WRITE-IN, AWAY!! SPLINTER THAT PROTEST VOTE!!

Don’t “just” splinter the Protest Vote, have a Moderator/Censor on the septuagenarian’s namesake discussion forum tie writing in Ron Paul to the authenticity of one’s EVER having been a “true” Ron Paul Supporter.

Set up the fringe element of The Fringe to be scapegoat in the likely event of Romney losing. Nevermind that Romney’s pandering to Hardright alienated the Middle. With enough histrionics and buffoonery by Ron Paul Extremists, blame for a Republican loss can and will be shifted from Hardright Republicans to Kooky Quixotic Fringe Ron Paulers.

Intuitively, every ballot in every election should have a write-in option.    You just can’t hardly call yourself democratic if you don’t allow people to change their minds while there still IS time to change minds.  (FUTILE REMINDER: The United States is NOT a democracy, rather, a DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC.)  Fighting for a write-in option ON PRINCIPLE (when you have no horse in the race, OR WHEN YOU THINK YOUR GUY CAN SNAG THE GOP NOMINATION) is a fine fine thing.  But fighting to include write-ins only after your candidate (badly) loses a party contest is sore loser stuff. 

In my experience, there is a pattern of “liberty loving” Ron Paul Die Hards caring about Justice only whereas it benefits them &/or “their guys”.

RON PAUL FOREVER folk are the Trekkies of politics.  

Turns out they must state a vice presidential candidate in order to possibly get Ron Paul Write-in’s counted in California.  (In the TIME IS MONEY paradigm, consider how many resources are being flushed down this toilet.)  Since Ron Paul did not win the Republican nomination, he does not HAVE a vice presidential candidate.  Since the Rand Plan consists of REPUBLICAN Senator Rand Paul seeking a future REPUBLICAN presidential nomination, they cannot stipulate SON RAND as v.p.  Otherwise, they WOULD.  They are tickled pink by the idea of father/son President Paul & Vice President Paul and cannot imagine much public resistance, if any, to the fantastic notion. 

NEPOTISM is very prevalent in Ron Paul Politics. 


RON PAUL FOREVER folk don’t need Ron Paul’s cooperation or permission to pursue this quixotic write-in campaign, so “naturally” they do not confer with the presidential candidate on the matter of a vice presidential running mate for a race that he is not running.  I “naturally” thought they might choose Leonard Nimoy or, since even Mr. Spock’s encyclopedic knowledge pales beside the venerable Doctor Paul’s incredible intellect, perhaps William Shatner for the greater celebrity draw.

William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy were born only five days apart in 1931, isn‘t that interesting?  And Ron Paul delivered over 4,000 babies.  

Once again, the Devoted’s next maneuver was predictably unpredictable. 

Amongst themselves, they tapped DISCUSSION BOARD MEMBER ClydeC***** to fill the vice president slot.  Clyde’s daughter, also a board member, applauds the choice and attests to his character. 

“It’s all good.”

It’s all good, except that Ron was fourth of four in the popular vote.  It’s all good, except that among the millions and millions and millions and millions of people who conscientiously did NOT vote for Ron Paul when he WAS on the ballot, Ron Paul has HIGH NEGATIVES.  It’s all good, except that Ron Paul Die Hards have even higher negatives than Ron Paul.

Saaay, HERE’S a fresh idea!  Ron Paul Devotees are ardent subscribers of Miracle Theory…howzabout a “money bomb” to go with this latest pipe dream?  C’mon fellas, put yer funds where yer fantasies are!

Beam me up, Scottie.

Elvis & Ron Have Left The Building

Once Ron Paul officially  lost the Republican nomination,  fanatic supporters who had sustainedly derided the “third party option” when it was available and viable jumped into “enthusiastic” mode about an “independent” run.

(I cling to Party until I lose, then I am independent.)

Speculation about whether their hero would make this announcement on the Jay Leno show excited hundreds of posts and thousands of “views” on his namesake discussion board.  Time, Time and more Time OUT THE WINDOW rather than, say, rallying behind Gary Johnson to get him into the debates.

It would be a reeeeally good thing for AT LEAST 80% of Americans, for another voice to be included in the presidential debates…if “only” to compel Obama & Romney out of sound bytes and into specifics.  The MATH of our malaise does NOT respond to soaring rhetoric or mental masturbation.

And speaking of math, it is exquisitely ironic that people who who preach fiscal conservatism most fiercely throw the most money at the worst odds.  RESOURCES ARE SCARCE is the first “law” of Economics.

The REPUBLICAN faction of “Liberty Loving” does not WANT the Liberty Moovement to rally behind Gary Johnson, no indeed.  They have already hitched their passions (and gravy train wagons) to the idea of a DIFFERENT President Paul.  They will help Obama win a second term and, voila, “practical” politics-playing Rand will be a shoe-in in 2016 because  . . . well, because 1.) no one else moves any marbles while Ron Paulers execute their Chinese Checkers maneuvers and 2.) other “rising stars” simply do not populate the Republican bench, the convention speaker lineup notwithstanding.

It is hard to pretend Chris Christie doesn’t exist.  Alpha Male Chris GET THE HELL OFF THE BEACH Christie is but one of several “recognized names” that are laying groundwork (and laying up) for 2016.

Some of the Ron Paul Die Hards are hooked by Cult of Personality.

Some of the Ron Paul Die Hards are “simply” Republican Loyalists…arguably, a different cult.

Some of the Ron Paul Die Hards are devoted to NEITHER Ron Paul nor Party.  Some are dark-hearted Lackeys of darker-hearted Operatives of soulless Money Men who care NOT. AT. ALL. about one party over the other or, for that matter, one COUNTRY over the other.  The object of THEIR game is to keep the Game going.  It’s working.

Sustained profits don’t flow from FIXED.  Sustained profitability lies in NEEDS REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT.

But some of the CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN, FORGE EVERY STREAM folks are well-intended and misguided.  With them in mind, I watched Jay Leno to see if Ron Paul would announce reinvigoration of his THIRD bid for the presidency.  I am ALL FOR a third-party upset, to give BOTH “sides” a TIME OUT to think about what they have wrought…and figger out how they will CHANGE, insofar as their best thinking got us exactly where we are.

With Ron Paul out of contention (and he IS out of contention, however many shenanigans contributed to the loss), Gary Johnson is the remaining loooooong Hail Mary Pass.  It is FOLLY for “Liberty Lovers” not to make the play, if “only” to move the Liberty ball forward…if “only” to catapult an actual intimidating NUMBER of Disenfranchised/Disgusted onto the radar of the Big Two.

Gary Johnson will lose, almost certainly.  But LEVERAGE will derive from an impressive protest-vote headcount, which can only be ascertained by voting for someone who is ON THE BALLOT.  Reg’lar people NEED some leverage.

Q: “Would you have gotten a speaking slot if you had endorsed Romney?”

A: “I think so.”

Q: “Was Rand given a speaking slot to appease your Supporters?”

A: [blah blah blah] “I think so.”

Q: “Interested in third party run?”

A: “No, not much . . . I’m gonna rest . . . for 2016 . . . I’m kidding.”

I’M KIDDING was, “of course”, drowned out by disruptive applause that continued to disrupt until Jay Leno gave a YEAH, GOT IT look.

Remember the MSM reporter who DID try to talk to Ron Paul on the convention floor, but he couldn’t get past the ADORING THRONG that was clamoring to get the Great One’s photograph/autograph? The Beatles quit playing publicly because their FANATICS MADE IT IMPOSSIBLE. Also dangerous.

Media Blackout! Media Blackout! The “ENTHUSIASTIC” component of Ron Paul’s Supporters that HAS been cited many times on teevee? Code for YOUNG. When you’re older, you’ll understand. Enthusiastic Supporters squander invaluable coverage, and border collies like LibertyBeagle get ‘em to be “respectfully” quiet during the OTHER candidates’ invaluable coverage…well, you DO see the problem.

Anyhoo, there was ZERO indication that he is slyly planning to bust a move or secretly hoping Supporters will beg him to, but it IS true that he gave a customarily MAMBY-PAMBY, LEAVE-HIMSELF-AN-OUT KINDA-SORTA ANSWER.

The blah-blah-blah preceding his second milquetoast “I think so” was about how EVERYTHING in politics is political. DUH.

SO IT IS, with purposefully vague leave-yourself-an-out answers to direct questions. SO IT IS, with his non-endorsement. He CANNOT “in good conscience” endorse Romney, but he IS jockeying for Rand’s advancement in the party. Ron Paul DID endorse Chuck Baldwin in 2008. Was Chuck Baldwin so much better in 2008 than Gary Johnson in 2012? Is Obama vs. Romney somehow less bad than Obama vs. McCain?

Ron Paul Devotees need to wrap their minds around the TRUTH that Ron Paul COULD be definitive…he could MANY TIMES have issued remarks that would have quelled dissension in the Liberty Moovement ranks…but he pointedly does NOT issue clear and unambiguous remarks.  In that regard, Ron Paul speaks like A POLITICIAN.

Plenty of thinking people think Ron Paul is Controlled Opposition. Open-ended wishy-washiness that fans embers of Doubt into flames of Division supports the argument. Most obviously, it is an UNCANNY stroke of good fortune for Authoritarians that Ron Paul’s big-talkin’ gun-totin’ Devotees huddle unthreateningly behind a non-aggression principle.

All the while, more and more “small government” people pursue lucrative careers “in politics”, bloating the highly paid but largely unproductive Political Class.



Parties & Hangovers

“Normal Drinkers” can be divided dichotomously in this regard: Some have never been cripplingly hungover; others have ONE hangover that will never be forg0tten OR repeated.  Many a child has similarly mastered the lesson of HOT!

Hangover, single.  “LOL.”  Laugh out loud.  One hangover is as unthinkable as one DRINK in another circle of Drinkers.  I’m from Milwaukee and I oughtta know…

“Normal Drinkers” either NEVER get so drunk that puke-over-the-side-of-the-boat seasickness would be preferable, or they never get that debilitated AGAIN…because it defies common sense, even among the festival of uncommon circumstances that “call for” heavier drinking.

Not in the THIS CALLS FOR A CELEBRATION construct, not in the DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY construct, not in the WOE IS ME construct, not in the I’LL SHOW THEM construct, not in the APOCALYPSE construct…not even in the BETTER LIVING THROUGH CHEMISTRY construct…not in ANY construct that kinda-sorta authorizes “tying one on” can the sentiment be rationally extrapolated to getting shit-faced.  “Pardon my French”.

PARDON MY FRENCH as anticipatory apology for cussing is insulting to French, yes?  Oui.

SWEAR LIKE A STEVEDORE and LIKE A DRUNKEN SAILOR are conceptually the same thing…not bigoted against a nationality, but against classes of Labor.  Class Warfare.

Huh? Wha-…  Didn’t you get the memo?  RACE card allowed, Class Warfare card NOT allowed.  It is one thing for Masses to fight each other, quite another for Masses to fight Masters.

CLASS WARFARE is extreme and incendiary.  If you use language like that, it may become necessary to classify you as Undesirable and to “detain” you for the greater public good…indefinitely perhaps, in the event of an emergency or to prevent an emergency.  We have effectively been in a State of Emergency since September 2001 and we have spared no expense on Paramilitary, so think twice about flappin’ yer jaw.

Duly intimidated.  Memo to Self: Do NOT mistake Free Speech for FREE Speech.

But whatchyer sayin’, Czar of Political Correctness, is that there IS a socially acceptable level of casual insult that does NOT warrant community organizing, lobbying, ”special” legislation and a parade of lucrative litigation…RIGHT?  Right, but I digress.

Back to Boozers.

Across the spectrum of excuses for drinking more than “usual”, drinking oneself into silliness, then stupidity, then recklessness, then danger, then oblivion, and finally into OMG WTF sickness makes NO kind of sense.  Therefore, “Normies” don’t do that, or they don’t do that AGAIN.  Why WOULD they?

But lots and lots and lots of people who would take offense at being called “Abnormal Drinkers” DO repeat the Hangover.  Not regularly…hopefully rarely…but they DO build a sturdy little stockpile of stories or ammunition, depending who does the recalling.

But with PATHOLOGICAL Drinkers, another and another and another hangover is a certainty.  To live is to drink, and to drink is to drink unto ALL BETS ARE OFF.

Hangover Hell is common among Alcoholics, yet private unto each.  More and more pain, thicker and thicker fog, less and less control.  Downward spiral, fade to black.

The American Medical Association assigns three damning characteristics to Alcoholism: CHRONIC, PROGRESSIVE, FATAL.  Insurance Companies are in BUSINESS to “MAKE MONEY”, not to help people.  They do not pay on alcoholism-related and addiction-related claims because they feel SORRY for Drunks & Addicts, but because Drunks & Addicts are gripped by a fatal disease.

Now.  Consider how casually “we” bandy the term POLITICAL JUNKIES.  Like it’s kinda cute, or worse, like it connotes being more knowledgeable.

Get this straight:  Being INVESTED and being KNOWLEDGEABLE are absolutely not the same thing.  If they WERE, we’d not have had the Mortgage Meltdown and attending Financial Crisis.  And being more informed does NOT automatically and correctly connect informational dots.

Political Junkies are IN THE KNOW about politics like Alcoholics are IN THE KNOW about booze…they are OBSESSED.  Alcohol dominates every aspect of an Alcoholic’s life…where to get it, when to get it, how to indulge it, how to spin the indulgence, how to whitewash goof-ups… but they cannot see the forest for the trees.

Political Junkies are NOT “merely” Politicians and their Gravy Trains, but also Media and Lobbyists and Activists and Keyboard Commandoes and Armchair Quarterbacks.  Many of them would be out of work/income, if things actually got fixed.  Unpaid Junkies would lose their passionate avocation.  Some people hunt and fish, some people sing and dance, some people bike and hike, whatever.  Political Junkies DIG politics.

Trouble is, politics are closer to EVIL than to Necessary Evil.  In my worldview, lobbying should be ILLEGAL.

Political Junkies don’t “just” reeeeally dig politics.  Political Junkies dig politics OVERMUCH. .  Political Junkies don’t know when to say when (which cuts a berth for Market Junkies to say horrific things like “HOW CAN WE TRADE ISAAC?”).  Political Junkies CAN’T stop, even if they wanted to…which they don’t.  Think, INTERVENTION.

Observe how the POLITICAL CLASS is growing and growing and growing, even among Republicans who can’t pay enough lip service to “Fiscal Conservatism”.  It bears mention that while the Political Class squanders obscene sums of Other People’s Money on pomp that has minimal economic ripple effect, the Political Class is comprised chiefly of NON PRODUCERS.  Does the “smaller government” contingent GET that smaller government implies a smaller Political Class?

Why WOULDN’T the Political Class grow?  Politics is compelling/addictive, AND lucrative, AND it affords a lifestyle more perk-y than many…a lifestyle can ITSELF be addictive.  Jet-setting, hobnobbing, high rollers, higher stakes, lights, cameras, action…all on other people’s dime, with no end in sight.  SIGN ME UP!

Politics is its own addictive demon.

Spending is ALSO an addiction.

Money=Power is a substance of choice.

Trifecta of trouble…Money to win, Spending to place, Politics for show.

You’d THINK that disastrous indebtedness against a backdrop of war, economic anemia AND Hurricane Isaac would inspire “fiscally conservative” Republicans to trim the sails of their lavish, self-aggrandizing convention.  RIGHT?  Wrong.

What do we reckon the party of fiscal responsibility spent on BALLOONS?

You’d THINK political players might resume “normal” work for awhile in between huge cost-prohibitive festivities.  Wrong again.  Festivities ARE work, dontcha know.  Small is tall, less is more.

Like Alcoholics, they are ready to LET LOOSE again as soon as revelers assemble again.  Like Alcoholics, they’ll party with whoever is partying.  LOOK at Talking Heads from both “sides” AND Media dolled up and smiling big at both Sides’ shindigs.  LISTEN to them say how “fun” and “exciting” are these end-of-the-season par-taaays.

National Convention: Superbowl of Bureaucrats. There are no losers…only grades of door prizes.

Things being as they are, dontcha kinda hafta wonder how many Officials are regularly inebriated or hungover?  GOVERNING UNDER THE INFLUENCE, there oughtta be a law.

NASCAR, brought to you by Budweiser.  There oughtta be ANOTHER law.

At the end of the day, Alcoholics drink in the morning…they HAVE TO, in order to function.

Lo and behold, UP with Chris Hayes and WAY TOO EARLY with Willie Geist.

Thankfully, Chris Hayes and Willie Geist seem to be bona fide Good Guys.  If I shall already be up…or STILL be up…wrangling with yesterday’s mind-bogglers and mini-murders, I want DOING IT ALL OVER AGAIN EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS to get off on the right note.

Incarceration Inc.

Imprisonment is not rightly a FOR PROFIT scheme.  Locking people up for profit is BAD.

Political Correctness and Moral Relativism encourage people to believe-more-like-rationalize that EVERYTHING has shades of gray, that NOTHING is “black and white”.  DEAD OR ALIVE is black and white.

Incarcerating people for profit is unambiguously BAD/WRONG.

Imprisonment falls under the Necessary Evil umbrella, same as Taxes.  The objective with Necessary Evils is LOGICALLY to require as few of them and as little of each as possible.

Generally speaking…Econ 101 generally…society will get more of whatever turns a profit.  Lo and behold, the land of the free and the home of the brave has the largest prison population on earth.  Not “just” the largest per capita, the LARGEST. Though China and India have over a BILLION people apiece, the “United” States has the largest prison population.

The shining light on the hill, the beacon of hope, locks up more people for a greater number of lesser offenses AND locks ‘em up for longer periods of time.

Read it and weep:

To privatize prisons is to INCENTIVIZE incarceration.  “Naturally”, more and more people will be incarcerated.

More and more people will be incarcerated because it constitutes more business, which generates more revenue, from whence come salaries and bonuses and profits and such.  The infamous Silent Majority will ALLOW more and more people to be locked up for profit because freedom from the EXPENSE of imprisoning people frees free people even of AWARENESS of the unjustly imprisoned.

If Americans are willing to LOCK HUMAN BEINGS BEHIND BARS, they had damned well better be willing to PAY for it.  PAYING for the “privilege” of removing people from society and stripping them of rights is a fundamental deterrent to abuse of the practice.

Aside To Audience

I find it emotionally convenient to believe that there ARE a few people who “read me”, that I have not typed my hands and right shoulder into premature arthritis for absolutely NOTHING.

Several people within a small-and-getting-smaller pool have lately gotten in my grill about MAKING MONEY.  “Of course”, they got in my grill differently when I DID play for money.  Yes, well.  If I have learned nothing else, I am windex-clear that you not only cannot please all the people all the time, you cannot even SATISFY most people.  Majority Opinion people, comprised of COMMON Thinkers and NON Thinkers, have no effin’ idea what it’s like to spend a lifetime defending your right to live your one life as you see fit within Reason.

It is less comforting to consider the possibility that more Creepy Surveillance types than Different Drummer types read me.  But on the other hand, DO GOVERNMENT BIDDING, NO QUESTIONS ASKED people are a subset of Americans that is particularly obliged to THINK DIFFERENT, if America would be restored to a semblance of LIBERTY & JUSTICE FOR ALL.

I’m glad I mentioned Justice, and I’ll tell you why…whoever you are.  I have spent YEARS in the online trenches now, more years than it took to earn a college degree.  I know from whence I speak when I say that the HARDRIGHT REPUBLICAN wing and the NARCISSISTIC LIBERTINE wing of “Liberty Loving” do NOT prioritize the Justice component of Liberty & Justice.

Fuhgeddabout FOR ALL.  The Hardright and Libertine wings are FRINGE and WANNABE ELITE people.  They would impose not only PURITY tests, but also LIKABILITY  tests on would-be allies.  Their way or the highway, AND they must like you.  Considering it has NEVER occurred, how many generations might it BE before Critical Mass not only AGREES but also LIKES each other?

LIBERTY is now hackneyed, co-opted, commercialized, you name it.  There is a LIBERTY TAX chain, fer cryin’ out loud.  OXYMORONS & EUPHEMISMS FOR SALE! STEP RIGHT UP, GITCHYER OXYMORONS & EUPHEMISMS RIGHT HERE!

REVOLUTIONARY has replaced NEW & IMPROVED  on a festival of products.

Lotsa people are SAYING Constitution, but lotsa people are NOT following it.

Office Seekers who will distinguish themselves from the legion of prior Politicians who have promised reform will introduce JUSTICE into the narrative with an ANTI-CORRUPTION meme.  The “Ninety Nine” percent was never 99%, that was #OccupyWallStreet’s first mistake.  Too many people could say I GUESS I’M PART OF THE ONE PERCENT THEN.

Relegating the Extremists on “both sides of the aisle”  AND  party loyalists to their respective party machines, lo and behold, we still find the majority of America IN THE MIDDLE.

Rank & File Americans COULD pull off a bona fide Upset, and we SHOULD.  Generally speaking, SHOULD and LIBERTARIAN don’t go together.  But these are not Ordinary Times.

To that point, I shall spend the next coupla months joining my voice with those who are calling for Gatekeepers to “allow” Libertarian Party Candidate and extremely accomplished two-term Governor Gary Johnson into the presidential debates.  Bad Faith AND NUTHIN’ BUT would keep him out.

In a nutshell, as a “red” governor of a “blue” state, Gary Johnson inherited a deficit, balanced the budget, and bequeathed a surplus.  GOOD ENOUGH FOR GOVERNMENT WORK has never been more apropos.

“We” owe more than we produce in a year.  MATH is catching up with us.

Gary Johnson is a GET ‘ER DONE guy.  “Google him.”

END OF TIMES and END GAME are not the same thing, riiiight?

Games are won and lost. Seasons end. Strongholds fade. Strongmen die.  Fresh seasons begin. More games are won and lost.  Different Strongmen arise.  Different Strongholds are established.

GAME CHANGER and ARMAGEDDON are not the same thing, riiiiight?

There’s a lotta prime mreal estate between the sky falling and NOTHING happening.   Lemme put it this way…I don’t think the Mayans ran out of rock and carving implements, that their calendar stopped abruptly in December 2012.

“Regular” people must MAKE something happen, or the course is set.   America’s unsustainable #WealthGap has only increased since 2008.  The top AND BOTTOM ten percent are “good to go”.  But for a staggering eighty-ish percent of Americans, it is LUNACY to stay the course.  Empirical evidence abounds.




Long Time, No Post

LOL, kinda.  Logging onto my own blog after a more-purposeful-than-successful absence, I am advised that my “browser” is out of date.  Me too, pal, me too.

For starters, it (finally) dawns on me that the browser selected by a computer’s manufacturer is perhaps not the best browser for every End User.

Oh,  for a Partner with computer/internet savvy and a range of “Handy Man” skillz . . . Me, Thee & the LLC.


Pimping The Presidency

The Presidency of the United States of America IS being pimped, and it is NOT me who is doing it.

ALLEN GINSBERG:  “Whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture.”

JIM MORRISON:  “Whoever controls the media controls the mind.”

Big Money proactively gain offices and influence policy for profit, and Mainstream Media proactively gins up Politics and divides the Citizenry for profit.  THERE, the cat is outta the bag.  ** meow **

Carry on barking about getting money outta politics.

Makeovers Are IN

Makeovers ARE in.

Look at “before and after” photos of Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton or Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann or Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton.

Though extremely cynical and righteously angry, I nevertheless have a bedrock optimism steeped in Faith:

Faith that THIS life, “here and now”, as we know it, is NOT the whole shebang.

Faith that choices and comportment in THIS life impact my FUTURE-future.

Faith that, for my festival of vices and transgressions, I’m getting BETTER at this living thing. Not to suggest that I am not part o’ the ol’ Problem.  On the contrary, I have been literally guilty as sin.  But I haven’t “just” SEEN, I am LIVING the error of my ways.  I am RESISTING evil and temptation NOW, boy.  Yes indeedy, big picture, I am fighting the Good Fight.

And not to suggest my mind is entirely free, because it ISN’T.  I often often often, heart-achingly often, dwell on Sorrows seemingly against my will and certainly against my contentment.  But I AM a Free Thinker, and I choose to have Faith that in the vastness of cyberspace, there assembles, ever so slowly, a Readership.

I address them…or him or her.  I mean, there MUST be one.  If only by accident.

Political posts will hopefully still follow, adding to and archiving my body of work, but I liken it to the lobby restaurant remaining open while the hotel is under renovation.

I’m gonna get someone who knows what they’re doing to MAKEOVER my internet presence.  Big fan of Specialization of Labor, right here.

WANTED:  Partner.  Principals with principles only.



New Hampshire Debate, The Morning After

[@darkpolitricks: The debates are, in a word, RIDICULOUS.  They are fantastically expensive FOOD FIGHTS, without the substance.

The flip side of ‘fantastically expensive’ is: ELITE FEW ARE MAKING LOTS OF MONEY.  Where some SPEND extravagantly, others enjoy WINDFALLS.

Not only are the debates trite and argumentative, the are DIVISIVE.  As ever, Mainstream Media is RIGHT THERE to goose passions . . . ergo ratings . . . ergo PROFITS.

Point me to CHANGE.

And speaking of change, Barack Obama vowed early in the 2008 presidential race that he would confine himself to PUBLIC FINANCING if his opponent would.  John McCain and/or the Republican party didn’t take him up on the offer until they realized that Barack Obama is FUNDRAISER EXTRAORDINAIRE, at which point Obama went back on his word.

Obama can STILL out-fundraise Republicans.  Mr. Change COULD put a stop to OBSCENE CAMPAIGN SPENDING.  I mean, “normally” it’s lots of fun and excitement, but it doesn’t play well juxtaposed with AUSTERITY MEASURES.

The following is chronological, but not comprehensive.  If I ever manage to quit smoking, I don’t know WHAT I shall do during commercials.]

* * * *

Moderator:  David Gregory

FIRST question: Blah, blah about Romney’s lead versus assertions that he is NOT best bet to beat Obama, then…

“Why shouldn’t Mitt Romney win?”

The question – first to Gingrich, then to Santorum – INVITED criticism of Romney.  By rules of debate, if one candidate insults/attacks/criticizes another, the Other gets a chance to rebut. Depending on your passions, the question itself either CAUSED or ALLOWED the first several minutes of the debate to serve as a showcase for Mitt Romney.

My reflexive interpretation is that TPTB have indeed designated Romney…BUT…I have been around the block a few times.  I know that people, places, things & Life are sometimes not what they appear to be.  I know that Politics and Politicians are SELDOM what they appear to be.

* * * *

I alluded to an ANNOYANCE COMPONENT with Santorum.  Check this out.  Gingrich, by invitation, attacks Romney.  Romney gets to rebut and, by my ears, Romney DID acquit himself.  Santorum’s turn to attack, on the same ROMNEY-BASED question, produced THIS bratty bit of illogic:


I was literally writing SPOKEN LIKE A LIFETIME POLITICIAN when Romney called him out on same.  

Romney IS smart & quick.  So is Gingrich.  Romney is UNFLAPPABLE.  Gingrich is HOT-HEADED, WITH THIN SKIN…double trouble.

* * * *

After Romney schooled Santorum on the difference between SERVICE and making a CAREER out of politics, Gingrich DARED to tell Romney to “DROP THE PIOUSNESS.”

Zipper Problem Newt Gingrich has been parading piousness himself, which I find contemptible.  How DID the Adulterer, Schemer & Hypocrite get in so good with the (former Nazi) Pope?

Mormonism DOES feature commitment to Service.  Moreover, where some Rich Kids are raised to be Trust Fund Brats, others are raised to DO MORE, WITH MORE.

* * * *

Ron Paul rightly calls out superficiality of discussion, and then…wait for it, you know he’ll stick his foot in it…FOR THE SECOND TIME IN TWO DAYS, he elevates Spending over Character for importance.

He simply does not GET or refuses to ADMIT that all the other ills he cites trace to PEOPLE BEHAVING BADLY, ONCE THEY HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO DO SO.

Free Markets do NOT make Bad Guys shape up and fly right.  These are IF YOU GIVE ‘EM AN INCH, THEY’LL TAKE A MILE people.

I would not be confident in Ron Paul’s ability to get the  better of Bad Guys even IF he admitted their treachery.  His pollyanna insistence that Free Markets fix everything tells me that Swashbucklers WILL swashbuckle on his watch.  

IN MY EXPERIENCE, some of the hardcore Libertarians fueling Ron Paul’s bid chiefly want to be freer to make more money.  They are the ones who fiercely OPPOSE Intellectual Property rights, by the by.  Oh yes, they believe that they (as entrepreneurs) should be “free” to reproduce & peddle YOUR original work, cheaper, with no compensation to YOU.  Niiice.  For THEM.

* * * *

Rick Perry recited a list of what Americans want in a president…someone who THIS, someone who THAT, someone who THE OTHER.  His points were solid…like, SOMEONE WHO IS NOT FROM WASHINGTON, but canned and forgettable.

I absolutely cannot believe that HE believes that AMERICANS believe that HE is the embodiment of their White House Wish List. 

* * * *

Lemme just say that  ‘LEMME JUST SAY…’   and    ‘GOING BACK TO A PREVIOUS QUESTION…’  are to Debates as    ‘AND THAT’S NOT ALL…’  and    ‘WAIT, THERE’S MORE…’  are to TV ads pimping produc’s via 800 numbers.   

* * * *

They debated Saturday at 9 p.m. Eastern, then again EARLY Sunday morning. Jon Huntsman looked TIRED.  I mean, NOTICEABLY more tired than other candidates.  Maybe scratch that TRAVELIN’ MAN thing.

He cites TRUST repetitively (like Herman Cain, with Nine Nine Nine) but the thing is, he’s RIGHT.  I’ve been saying that since 2008: A CONFIDENCE CRISIS, NOT A CREDIT CRISIS.

 Apropos of nothing, Huntsman also shares with Herman Cain dodgy taste in TIES.

Huntsman ia the adult in the room about Tax Reform, including elimination of our festival of discriminatory advantages.  “NO SACRED COWS,” he says and I agree.

Back in August, Huntsman tweeted: “To be clear, I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming.”

The odds of TWO (rich) Mormons being in one presidential race seem to me to be SLIM and NONE.  Then there was that Second Coming Supporter in Iowa. Then there’s UTAH.  

In the spirit of INUNDATION, does running TWO Mormons actually diffuse whatever ruckus ONE might incite?  I think it HAS.  I’m also thinking Mormon Mucky Mucks (stereotypically, very successful financially) must surely have a PREFERRED candidate, between two Mormons.

Does Huntsman serve to fracture Anti Romney votes (and to keep reminding us that China looms BIG in our future) while Romney gains and gains in his plodding way?   Is Romney doing the SACRIFICE POP FLY thing, taking all the ANTI heat so Huntman can have late surge for a “surprise” win?

The richest Mormons in America have NO PLAN?  C’mon.

They both have enough money to stay in the race beyond South Carolina, irrespective of performance.  Jon Huntsman speaks LONG PANTS about a lot of stuff that we don’t like to even ADMIT, much less discuss.  Romney certainly CAN speak Long Pants, but he is trapped defending his record.  Or he is roping dopes. 

It is BEYOND boring to hear them list their Plus’s over and over.  No single one of them has all the answers.  Each has made some VALID points, along with invalid claims.  Do they work together to hammer out the best platform by which to persuade American Voters onto a new path?  Have they rallied resources to marshall one, sustained, full-court press to “make Obama a one-term president?  Noooo.

Instead, they talk about how they WILL be able to work with Democrats. LOL.

* * * *

Moderator Gregory asked Candidates, beginning with Huntman, to name three areas/programs in which Americans will FEEL THE PAIN.

One of Huntsman’s three was THE RYAN PLAN…hardly specific. That’s like saying THE WHOLE ECONOMY IS GONNA HURT.  Which it will.  His second was NO SACRED COWS.  Commendable, but not specific.

His third pain center was VERY specific, and I can’t say as I’ve ever heard a Republican say it: MEANS TESTING FOR SOCIAL SECURITY & MEDICARE. As in . . . yes, we KNOW you paid XYZ dollars in, but you don’t NEED those dollars…and other people DO.

Maybe THAT’S his role, eh?  Bearer of Bad News.

‘Cuz DAMN, if Santorum didn’t echo the call for Means Testing.  He said he’d refer Food Stamps, Medicaid & Housing back to the states as Block Grants. Apparently that will wash his hands of the matters, for he gave no clues as to CUTS.

(In a conservative, smaller-government Administration, why would States still be forking money over to Feds, to be receiving it BACK in block grants…AFTER gobs of Taxpayer money is DISAPPEARED into bureaucracies on both ends?)

Grandpa Gingrich turned the table on the question, challenging the premise that People should feel ANY pain, that BUREAUCRACIES should be made to feel the pain. Um, er, ah:

1.)  Bureaucracies are comprised of people.  If you axe agencies, you axe employees. SPENDING CUTS IMPLY PINK SLIPS.
2.)  Sparing people the consequences of their choices is NOT conservative.  On the contrary.
3.)  Sparing people the consequences of their choices encourages repetition of errors. CONSEQUENCES ARE TEACHERS.

Rick Perry got a chuckle for REMEMBERING his three: people will feel the pain in the Departments of Commerce, Energy & Education.  No one remembered, or no one wanted to remind HIM that he previously said he’d jettison FIVE departments.

* * * *

Gingrich says “IT’S THE AMERICAN WAY” to desire a one-term president.

I couldn’t disagree more.

* * * *

Moderator Gregory asked them what I believe is a super important question: Everyone TALKS about being a Uniter, how will you DO it?

Romney points out he was a Republican Governor of a Democratic state.  

(As was Gary Johnson, in New Mexico.) 

Confronted with his dismal record of actually getting anything THROUGH Congress (or of preventing anything from passing, truth be told), Ron Paul sea “that shows how out of touch Congress is.”

Yes, well.  For the broadcloth of Americans, at a practical level, it doesn’t matter who’s FAULT it is if the job doesn’t get done.  

QUALITY OF AMERICAN LIFE IS DETERIORATING.  Rich People talk and talk and debate and analyze and talk some more about how to remedy that…LATER.

Santorum didn’t say how he’d be a Uniter.  Instead, he said the problem isn’t what Ron Paul HASN’T been able to accomplish, but what he COULD accomplish on Day One.  I don’t believe I’ve ever encountered anyone who is so scared of Iran.

Unless it’s Michele Bachmann.

Huntsman says it comes down to, you guessed it, TRUST.

No one much mentions the flip side of TRUST, which is DISHONESTY.  I’ll grant that Gingrich has several times said the first step to revamping Medicare is STOP PAYING THE CROOKS. But that implicates Doctors, Lawyers & Beneficiaries.  NOT ONE OF ‘EM calls for prosecution of White Collar Crime in, say, BANKING.  Not one of ‘em calls for riding CORRUPT OFFICIALS out on rails.

Perry will unify thru a Balanced Budget Amendment (?!) and by making Congress part-time.  Yes, I feel certain Congress will unify with the president over THAT.

* * * *

Jon Huntsman said he’d DISRUPT THE OIL MONOPOLY.  I’m trying to think how many times I’ve heard a Republican say that, and I’m thinking it’s ZERO. I agree with him, but then I am OFTEN Bearer of Bad News…and I am NOT running for office.

By contrast, listen to Gingrich, Perry & Paul preach deregulation. ABSOLUTELY we must reduce and streamline regulations.  We need sensible, realistic regulations, and we need Honest Regulators.  But DE-REGULATION?  Are people out of their COTTON-PICKING MINDS?  If we have learned NOTHING, we have learned that Profits override people, principles, EVERYTHING.

PLUS, I dunno about Paul & Santorum, but Gingrich & Perry are definitely pimping DRILL BABY, DRILL.  Oil.  Same old, same old. BUSINESS AS USUAL.

Energy Independence is VITAL.  Keeping the lion’s share of our eggs in the oil basket is STOOPID, or diabolical.

* * * *

Ron Paul said subsidies are bad economic and moral policy.  I totally agree. It’s not as apparent in typed text as it was in audio, how automatically Economy precedes Ethics in Ron Pauls speech (presumably reflecting order of thought).  

Unless he is wicked-good Controlled Opposition, it seems he is a bona fide Good Guy, but of the Pink Cloud variety.  

From so long among his FANS, I can actually HEAR the turbo-charged typing: WOULDN’T I RATHER HAVE A GOOD GUY IN THE WHITE HOUSE FOR A CHANGE?  Indeed, I would.  

Per Gallup Poll:  “Thomas S. Monson, the president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was listed among America’s top ten most admired men for 2011.”   Doesn’t mean he should be president. 

Los Angeles is the second most populous city in America, after New York.  Los Angeles has returned Henry Waxman to Congress more times than than a Texas district (with more space and ONE-FIFTH the people) has returned Ron Paul to Congress.  Doesn’t mean Henry Waxman should be President.  CHARLIE RANGEL has been reelected more times than Henry Waxman.

Ron Paul says, simplistically, DEREGULATE ENERGY.  Supply and Demand will bring the prices down, dontcha know.  Sound monetary policy will take care of everything else.  

In his worldview, it WOULD.  Because he does not incorporate the existence of Bad Guys into his theories.

Denial is not a river in Egypt, eh?

* * * *

Mitt Romney’s seeming cognitive disconnect was INSTANT FODDER for the pundit mill, but it makes sense to me that someone can be NON-DISCRIMINATORY but also be OPPOSED to Gay Marriage. 

Beliefs R Beliefs — what’re ya gonna DO?  Some people BELIEVE that Marriage is a sacred institution between one man and one woman and that’s that.  There are ENOUGH people who believe that way now, and there have BEEN enough people who have believed that way throughout history, that it cannot be entirely baseless.  

What is Gays’ problem with Civil Unions, that’s what I don’t get. WAAAAA! WAAAAA! Allow us to be DIFFERENT and GAY, free of the closet!  Celebrate diversity!  No, wait!  We changed our minds! We are NOT different!  We are the same!  Different, but the same. We want it all.

Whichever…”Gay” Marriage or Civil Union…it does not measure up as an Issue that should have commanded so much legislative attention during such harrowing times.  Why d’ya reckon it DID?

* * * *

Rick Perry reliably trotted out Right to Work.  I hate to break it to CHEAPSKATES who don’t want to pay livable wages for conscientious full-time Labor, but the flip side of the RIGH TO WORK coin is the RIGHT TO HAVE A JOB.

If people are not paid livable wages for full-time labor, you have an “Assistance” State from the get-go.  The bureaucracy and administration of the welfare, PLUS the welfare, is costlier than the livable wages would have been.  Not for Employers, though, for TAXPAYERS.

Rick Perry says he’d reevaluate every regulation according to one criteria only: DO THEY CREATE OR KILL JOBS?

Really?  First, regulations DO create jobs . . . Regulators, Lawyers, Compliance Specialists, more Lawyers.  If they create more jobs in the Regulation & Compliance Sector than they cost in other sectors, shall we keep them?

Shall we get rid of ALL the safety regulations?  On balance, do MORE helmet sales outweigh LESS medical treatment?  Crunch those numbers.

* * * *

Romney, distinguishing between Public & Private unions, would tie former to latter such that former cannot EXCEED latter.  Werks few me.


Santorum never tires of reciting his resume, and I always forget it.

Gingrich not only pimps oil, he pimps SUPPLY SIDE ECONOMICS. Yikes.

In a question about cross-state pollution, Romney acknowledges validity of regulation.  I think everyone but Lawmakers, Lawyers & Regulators knows A.) there are too MANY regulations; B.) they are unnecessarily complicated (see also: billable hours for attorneys); C.) there is too much paperwork and filing protocol.

Romney says natural gas is a big opportunity.  BIG fan of natural gas, right here.

Gingrich, who wants to MAKE BUREAUCRACIES PAY, proposes an “Environmental Solutions Office.”  Y’know, INSTEAD of the Environmental Protection Agency.  HIS alphabet agency will be different and better.  He uses the term INCENTIVIZE for the second time in two debates.

Incentivize, thy other name is Social Engineering.

MOREOVER, as soon as you have incentives, you have PICKERS & CHOOSERS of recipients of incentives.

* * * *

Rick Perry: “We have a president that’s a socialist.”
Rick Perry: “I’m a Tenth Amendment guy.”

I, too, favor returning power to the States . . . or States YANKING it back, either way.

Doesn’t mean another Texas Oil Governor should be Top Dog in America.

* * * *

Rick Santorum on voting to pass Medicare Part D (prescription drug plan): “Only one really bad thing, and that’s that we didn’t fund it.”

Ron Paul extols the right to Life, the right to Liberty, and the right to KEEP THE FRUITS OF YOUR LABOR.  

Pursuit of happiness is so 15 minutes ago.

* * * *

Asked about his VISION FOR HIS TENURE, Huntsman said he would try to fulfill founding documents, UNIFY, and attack the TRUST DEFICT as aggressively as the economic deficit.

It was a beauty pageant-y kinda question so, hey, GOOD ANSWER!

* * * *

If we can live with a nuclear North Korea, why not with a nuclear Iran? Santorum says it’s because “Iran is a theocracy.”

Natural Born Martyrs.

* * * *

Insofar as Gingrich has previously complained about PAC ads (Political Action Committees) but is not doing the same to Romney, is he consistent?

“SURE,” says Gingrich.   HIS attack ads are “fact-based.”

Like HIS alphabet agency will be sensible and efficient.

Newt Gingrich and duct tape, that’s all you need.

* * * *

Mitt and Newt go toe to toe and tit for tat.

Gripping gripping television, you had to be there.

* * * *

Asked how they would use the Bully Pulpit, Santorum said he would use it for FAMILIES.  Which warms the heart of this Single person, as you might imagine.  He proactively dismissed IT TAKES A VILLAGE, insisting IT TAKES A FAMILY.

The Help:  “You is smaaart.  You is kiiind.  You is imPORtant.

Marriage/family is a choice.  Choices have costs.  I do NOT believe Families are entitled to greater assistance or protection than Single People.

Ron Paul says of the Bully Pulpit that he’d “keep doing what he’s doing right now…preaching the gospel of Liberty.”  That’s how I see it, too.

* * * *

[It is 36 hours after the debate, and I am just finishing “talking” about it.  I take BACK that Jon Huntsman looked noticeably more tired than the others.  He looked NORMAL, all things considered.

I don’t know how they DO it.   An ENTOURAGE has gotta help.]



New Hampshire Debate, Notes On Napkins

[Hullo, Comrade.

Paraphrasing Blaise Pascal, I am writing you a long post because I lack the time to make it short.  I am also NOT taking the time to carefully craft sentences or wrestle them into an organized composition.  More like, TRANSCRIBING NOTES.

Why BOTHER, y’know?  Making no money is one thing.  Being steamrolled over is another thing.  But being steamrolled over WHILE making no money SUCKS. Welcome to The Resistance.

Do you see our presidential debates over there, or do you see only clips of THE GOOD, & THE BAD & THE UGLY?

In any case, here are my takeaways, along with the grammatical and syntactical errors that are SPACE SAVERS in the Twitterverse . . .]

Santorum evaded question about his preposterous assertion that America does not need an Executive/Manager by reiterating that America needs a Leader.  Hmmm.  HITLER was a leader, need I say more?

Yes, I do.  One has only to look to Wall Street to know that some Management is GOOD/strong/effective/visionary/responsible, some is BAD/strong/effective/visionary/reckless, some is AVERAGE/mediocre/uninspired/undistinguished.

MANAGEMENT MATTERS.  Management matters a lot.

Santorum does an irritating ME! MY TURN! OVER HERE! thing that reminds me of the self-appointed Smarty Pants who waved their hands to be chosen to give answers.  Those kids were NEVER as smart as they thought and ALWAYS less well-liked than they wanted to be.  Perchance, are you familiar with the term TUCKER?  

I like Santorum less and less, AND he signed the outrageous Personhood Pledge, which would confer all the “rights & protections” of Law from the moment of conception.  Even Mississippi ILLITERATES didn’t pass that crapola.  

For me, it is a deal-breaker.

*  *  *

Mitt Romney + Jon Huntsman = Mutual Admiration Society.  

OVER. THE. TOP., how polite and complimentary they were to each other. My SOMETHING’S COOKING antennae are up.

I am reminded of the 2008 Iowa Caucuses, when an elderly gentleman & Romney supporter staying in the same hotel beamed and gushed about the Second Coming.  You don’t buy into it and I don’t buy into it, but the truth is that Christians and Mormons both think THEIR faith is supreme.

Rick Perry was “in before me”, speaking the words faster than I could write them: Ron Paul challenging Rick Santorum on earmarks is HYPOCRITICAL. Classic Pot calling the Kettle black stuff.

WORSE, when Ron Paul was asked about his attack(s) on Santorum, Paul trivialized Character/Corruption by saying, “BUT THE IMPORTANT THING IS SPENDING…blah, blah”

I beg to differ, completely.  Character & Corruption are not only more important than spending, deficit character and surplus corruption are directly related TO spending.  

(Unless he is terrific Controlled Opposition) Ron Paul doesn’t GET or doesn’t wanna BELIEVE that there are icky people who behave badly.

* * * *

If Moderators would have lists of accomplishments & facts, Politicians who are NOTORIOUS for dissembling, equivocating, embellishing, evading, exaggerating, fabricating and lying would not be able to do so much SPINNING IN CIRCLES.

You are surely acquainted with the term CIRCULAR FIRING SQUAD.

All the dirt they’re slinging will come back to bite SOMEONE in the ass in the General Election.  They are ADDING ammo to Obama’s arsenal.

* * * *

Rick Perry is not even smart enough to capitalize on the question of why someone who has actually SERVED in Military makes a better Commander-in-Chief. 

By contrast, REFORMED WHORE Newt Gingrich pandered right TO New Hampshire, proposing to build coupla Veterans facilities IN New Hampshire.

I always concede Newt Gingrich’s intelligence.  Thing is, smart without Character is a helluva lot worse than Stupid without Character. 

Newt Gingrich sez he’s MATURED . . . code for I’VE OUTGROWN ADULTERY.  Maybe so, but look no further than his vast girth, reminiscent of Ted Kennedy, to know that there is NOTHING disciplined about Gingrich and that he most certainly has NOT changed the habit of INDULGING HIMSELF.

His moral outrage would be LAUGHABLE, if any of this were funny.

* * * *

Ron Paul’s dismissal of the bigoted Newsletters falls under my NICE TRY umbrella.  Abdicating oversight while allowing people to trade on his name keeps the COMPETENT MANAGEMENT issue alive.

He segued nicely to the truth that our legal system and incarceration rates broadcast racism.  But between you me and the lamppost, I don’t think he gives one flying fuck about race-based injustice.  I think it’s “just” an argument that supports what he DOES care about.

(Unless he is terrific Controlled Opposition) Ron Paul is a such a good man, he cannot CONCEIVE of evil in others.  Not in Iranians. Not in Supporters who fly Confederate flags.  And some DO.

* * * *

Although neither Mitt Romney nor Jon Huntsman (the temperate Mormons) signed the MAD AS A HATTER Personhood Pledge, I only learned last night that every person on that stage would REVERSE Roe vs. Wade.

This reinforces the argument that Major Players WANT Obama to sit there and finish his peas.  THE BUCK STSOPS HERE: Scapegoat in Chief.  Not to say Obama hasn’t made beau coups errors, ‘cuz he HAS, but he INHERITED buncha crap, too.  If Republicans forfeit the election by nominating someone likely to lose the General, it speaks volumes about the Recovery timeline.

Reproductive “Rights” (which could only be concocted by PATRIARCHS & SEXISTS) imply reciprocating Reproductive Responsibilities.  This line of thinking logically extrapolates to collecting DNA of all men, and issuing LICENSES to fornicate.


* * * *

You cannot IMAGINE how much time they spent on Gay Marriage. got red herrings?  Fuggeddabout Iran and the Strait of Hormuz, did you see how ODDLY Jordan Van der Sloot was behaving in court?

* * * *

Within a rant about CHRISTIANITY BASHING but otherwise outta left field, Newt Gingrich cited the importance of Adoptive Services.  It ain’t pretty but it’s true: BABIES ARE AN EMERGING MARKET.

Rick Perry also cited “this Administration’s WAR ON RELIGION”.

Get those dervishes whirling, eh?

* * * *

Only Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are unambiguous about GETTING OUT OF AFGHANISTAN.

But I’m getting an uneasy feeling about Huntsman . . . and the Council on Foreign Relations.  

It’s his turn to SURGE, but I like him better at Vice President than President, or Secretary of State.

Ron Paul Die Hards are fiercely opposed to anything less than the Presidency, which strikes me as damn ironic case of both COLLECTIVISM and PERSONALITIES OVER PRINCIPLES.  If another Republican “takes” the White House, seems to me Ron Paul is the obvious replacement for Geithner at Treasury or Bernanke at The Fed.  Monetary Policy is his strong suit, NOT Management…as discussed ad nauseam in the context of the infamous Newsletters.

* * * *

Newt Gingrich, who sez Ron Paul has a habit of saying things that are inaccurate and false, also said that “Iran began decaying 24 hours after our departure.

D’ya reckon he wants to SEND TROOPS BACK TO IRAQ…like Rick Perry does?

I say White Collars reverted to decadence 24 hours after we passed TARP, how d’ya like THEM apples?

* * * *

I don’t buy Ron Paul’s LET EVERYONE BE. & EVERYONE WILL LET US BE simplicity, but I don’t buy Santorum’s HYSTERIA about Radical Islam.

Santorum’s claim that Iranians LOVE US is surely not born out by MY experience. He says they admire us ‘cuz we STAND UP FOR THE TRUTH.  Good one.  The degree of Denial (best case) or Dishonesty (worst case) is incredible.

Rick Santorum also sez that AMERICA DOES NOT HAVE CLASSES.

‘Scuse me…for a second, I thought he said America does not have Classes.

(The next morning, Rick Santorum will say that POVERTY IS NOT A DISABILITY.  

Can we agree that Poverty is a HANDICAP.  Or have we contorted our way into calling Poor People LUCKY for having an inside track on heaven?)

* * * *

Mitt Romney confirmed but then glossed over that INFRASTRUCTURE is a proper venue for Government spending, instead waxing on about the superiority of free markets over socialism.  ‘Cuz…y’know…we’ve never heard THAT before.  Did John Edwards ever ONCE speak without mentioning Mill Towns?

U.S. infrastructure is in EMBARRASSING disrepair, but also DANGEROUS disrepair.  Recall New Orleans levees.  Infrastructure is Jobs Creation AND it is shovel-ready AND it is necessary.  Whatcha call a no-brainer.

* * * *

Huntsman repeatedly calls for elimination of all Loopholes, Deductions, Corporate Welfare.  Romney waxed about ANTI SOCIALISM when the question was put to him, but he did NOT echo Huntsman’s call to close what amount to MEANS-BASED TAX ADVANTAGES.

Gingrich would abolish the “Death Tax.”  In other words, he would allow Robber Barons to keep every last dime. Some Christian.  

Me, I say EXTRAORDINARY TAXES ON EXTRAORDINARY ESTATES.  While I agree with Winston Churchill that there are is no good tax, I also hold that taxes fall among NECESSARY EVILS.  Who could it POSSIBLY be easier/righter/fairer to tax than unfathomably rich DEAD people?

By what rationale does a stroke of luck at birth “entitle” Trust Fund Brats to begin the game of Life with hundreds of millions or even BILLIONS of dollars?

* * * *

Romney has several times cited CHINA’S unfair practices, INCLUDING predatory pricing and currency manipulation.  

got Predatory Lending and a contrived interest rate?

* * * *

It seems like American Rank & File should decide which outcome Big Money most DOESN’T want, and do THAT.

I know it SEEMS like The Establishment most marginalizes Ron Paul, but perhaps they doth protest too much.

The only candidate they totally blackballed is Gary Johnson…who bailed on the Grand Old Party and will seek the Libertarian nomination which, importantly, has ballot access in all 50 states.

* * * *

[THE MORNING AFTER follows anon.  Cheers.]